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Having started as an SEO, really helps me realise and appreciate how important good planing is and how instrumental to a successful website knowing and understanding user behaviour can be.

To me “good website design” stands for a bit more than visual appeal and proper exposition of products. It should also incorporate a high level of usability and usefulness.

Any self-respecting website should have a sensible and easy to use navigation, be well optimised for search engines and offer something of value to the user (be it monetary, experiential, educational etc.).

The end user, your client, should be paramount.

Many people get confused at times what Search Engine Optimisation has to do with user experience, design, and the likes.

 Here are two very common questions:

Isn’t SEO some technical jargon spoken only by the specialists in that area and computer programs?
What have “regular” people have to do with it?

And, of course, it is completely reasonable to think that way but let me give the short answers to both questions above.

A lot!

You see, Search Engine Optimisation in simple terms is making a search engine, such as Google, decide to show (rank) your page higher than your competitors.
But, of course, they care about their users in the same way that you do (or at least should) about yours.

This is where website design and SEO come together.
In order for a search engine to decide your site is better than someone else’s, it has to be. If it is of value to the user then it is of value to search engine.

Simple right?

Well, not that simple, after all or I’d be out of work.
Someone, like me, has to translate to, or rather convince that search engine why of the millions other websites yours should come up in the results.

Luckily this is something that I do and I do well. If you wish to inquire about your project please do contact me and I’ll be more than happy to respond.


Pavel Velinov

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